Painting – impressionism “sea”

Artists who paint the sea elements always try to accurately convey the state of the sea. Many artists succeed in this. Take the Russian marine painter Aivazovsky, for example. As an artist, I know how difficult it is to capture the moment when the sea becomes the sea in the picture. But the impressionist painters Read more about Painting – impressionism “sea”[…]

painting - impressionism

Painting – impressionism «Dancers»

During the Renaissance, painters convey living reality using bright colors and intermediate tones. Sases of famous artists are El Greco, Velazquez and Goya, whose work had a serious impact on Manet and Renoir. These bright colors in the paintings of the Impressionists surprise and allow you to get into another colorful world. In my painting, Read more about Painting – impressionism «Dancers»[…]

Painting – impressionism style

Impressionism Painting has the ability to stop time, and a painter is a watchmaker   It often happens that some life events pass unnoticed, although they definitely have value. Declaration of love is also such an event. How could you have captured this moment before, without cameras and everything else? Of course, artists came to Read more about Painting – impressionism style[…]

Paintings for interior

Paintings for interior

Interior paintings are becoming more and more popular. Many people prefer to place paintings in the rooms in the style of impressionism. Impressionists often refer to yellow, and sometimes to lemon. No wonder, because it is very bright and stands out against the general background even in the dark.   I know this technique more Read more about Paintings for interior[…]

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