Paintings for interior – impressionism drawing tree

Painting is once again becoming a popular pastime. Collectors are now paying attention to works in new styles. And such a style as impressionism is especially very popular in our time. These paintings hang not only in galleries but also in rooms for interior decoration.

Paintings for the interior now not only play the role of decorating a room, but also become part of the interior.

Paintings for the interior can be made as on canvas, as on paper; on wood, materials are also very diverse: oil, pastel, ballpoint pen, etc. Therefore, a huge scope for creativity opens up for artists and we see how great a variety of interior paintings is nowadays.

Paintings for interior - impressionism style, drawing tree

This painting by the artist Maria Chaika “tree in the sea”

My painting shows a tree in the sea. The crown of the tree filled the top of the canvas and I used colors that stand out and contrast to reflect the state of the sea verse.

This picture is suitable for a room in which dark green turquoise colors prevail.


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Maria Chaika

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