Painting has the ability to stop time, and a painter is a watchmaker


It often happens that some life events pass unnoticed, although they definitely have value. Declaration of love is also such an event. How could you have captured this moment before, without cameras and everything else? Of course, artists came to the rescue.

But it seems to me that a simple pair portrait will not convey the mood of this event. Therefore, when painting my picture, I used exactly impressionism. After all, the task of an artist of this direction with color and rhythm, resorting to contrast, is to show and convey the emotions and atmosphere of an episode of the real world

Paintings for interior

I used a delicate white that shows the solemnity of the moment. The vase on the table by the window symbolizes the fragility of the heroes’ feelings. The young man’s tailcoat shows the seriousness of his intentions. And a light touch of a lady symbolizes tenderness and love.

I will post many more of my paintings that you can buy by writing to me on instagram 

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