In this article you will find a wonderful art nouveau interior painting that will decorate your room.Painting for the interior in the Art Nouveau style.

Painting for the interior in the Art Nouveau style

Interior paintings can be of different styles and they all have the right to fit in. Today I will tell you about a painting that is made in the Art Nouveau style. Art

Nouveau paintings are distinguished by the fact that all objects on it are depicted in a simplified form.

In such pictures there is minimalism and at the same time there is enough of everything.

Paintings in this style fit very well into the interior, and since this style also exists in architecture.

Painting for the interior in the Art Nouveau style

Painting for the interior in the Art Nouveau style, which depicts a dancing girl in a green dress.

It is easy to see that all the objects depicted in this picture do not have any drawing shadows in this and the distinctive feature of this style is manifested. also in the Art Nouveau style there is symbolism so in my picture we see the blurred face of a girl it symbolizes the loss of this girl among the crowd.

I would also like to say about the composition, we see that the proportions of the girl’s body are violated for a reason, this is also a kind of symbol. I wanted to say by this that when people are in the dance, the importance of his appearance is lost, etc., only what a person does in the dance is important, namely his movements.

it is impossible not to pay attention to the color selection of this picture yellow contrasts with red and green. The girl’s shoes match the color of the girl’s scarf, and also with her necklace, this creates the harmony of the picture.

This painting in the Art Nouveau interior will perfectly fit into the interior with burgundy yellow and light green tones. Thank you for watching our article on the topic of painting for the interior, you can also see our other articles on this topic:

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