Interior paintings are becoming more and more popular. Many people prefer to place paintings in the rooms in the style of impressionism.


“By painting I mean a beautiful romantic dream about something that never happened and never will be … and that is in a place that can neither be found nor remembered, but can only be desired”

(E. Burne-Jones)



"Exciting distance"

This painting by the artist Maria Chaika



This painting was painted by me under the impression of a painting by the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet. This artist, like all creators of this trend, professionally uses artistic techniques, for example: composition.

I also use this artistic technique in my painting. Correctly placed details of the picture create a holistic impression. The color details (white details) give the picture a softness and at the same time create a contrast to the dark green grass

This painting will fit well into an interior with white, green and yellow colors.

I will post many more of my paintings that you can buy by writing to me on instagram

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