I am often inspired by the work of Van Gogh (the great Post-Impressionist painter) Claude Monet (the Impressionist painter), both of whom are adept at handling vibrant colors. Their pictures surprise and fascinate, as if you find yourself in another world in which it is so good and calm. These two craftsmen are adept at using lemon yellow and ultramarine, which requires talent and skill.


painting in the style of impressionism

This painting by the artist Maria Chaika

Impressionist paintings delight those who come to galleries, as well as in home interiors. The bright and rich colors of the picture fit wonderfully well into the rooms.

interior paintings

This painting by the artist Maria Chaika

My painting clearly defines the purpose of paintings in the style of impressionism, it gives a mood. Thanks to the contrast of yellow and blue, there is a feeling of joy and you want to look and look at it.

I will post many more of my paintings that you can buy by writing to me on instagram .International forwarding


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